Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Black Penises Penis Picture

Then it was just time to wait for Paula to get back and find out exactly what had happened during her night with Kevin. Even through all the fucking with Miriam, his dick twitched as he thought about his wife...

"Well if you're gonna be here filming it you might as well edit together this part too so what the hell." Lisa said.

Mr. O. was fast asleep and unawares of what I was doing with his thing. I felt an urge to taste the strange thing and before I knew it, I had its tip in my mouth. It felt hot and sweet. I kept licking and sucking it, as my heart pounded of fear that he may wake up and find me kissing his thing. But I realized that he wasn't going to wake up no matter what. I sucked some more and I heard him growl in his sleep. The more I sucked the more he growled. That was funny! I sucked and sucked. And then after a few seconds of me sucking it, he let a loud growl, and his thing exploded filling my mouth with a warm liquid. He had come into my mouth in his sleep. I wonder what was he dreaming of? I didn't know what to do with his juice in my mouth so I swallowed it. And then I realized I liked it. My god, I had given a sleeping man my first blow job, and I liked it!

"Ho ho. Is that your tongue, or are you trying to stick a shrimp up my pussy?"

She laughed merrily, obviously pleased by my reaction. "I just feel so...I don't know...feminine, I suppose. And, it's a nice feeling."

"Stop!" He said.

My wife, too, grew up with a similar healthy attitude about love and sex. And, we were mutual in our desire to give the same thing to our sons.

As he fucked her, she manoeuvred her right hand under his left thigh so that the tips of her fingers brushed his balls while they slapped against her. She heard him moan as she did so, and then she too was caught up in the growing sensation that made her tits feel as though they were on fire and her ass ache to be filled too. She knew he wouldn't be long in cumming and she arched her neck up so that she could kiss him as he did. His lips brushed hers, but suddenly he was like a wild animal, his mouth pressing hard against her neck and his teeth biting into her.

He had us stand inside the room and turned on the light. After shutting the door we looked out the window and realized that we couldn't see out. I walked outside and looked in and Beth was clearly visible. Matt explained that it was a nonthreatening way to expose yourself. I decided to remember that room.

"I promise that from now on, I'll devote more time to you," she said. "And I'm not just talking about sex, either. I mean I'll always be there when you need me."

"I think it's time to start your lecture."

“Wait,” she said just as my pubic hair began to show. “How about we make a deal?”


nervous, never having felt the paddle before.

“Ok, Bill keep up the good work on the journal. Remember anything about sex and you write it down. Got it?” Doug said as he got up to leave.

"Good...morning," Lois replied. She hoped her guilt wasn't obvious. She wasn't sure what to say to her friend, whose hospitality she'd violated.

Fiona gasped as he began to push into her, she was so tight after weeks of her pussy not being used, and he felt incredibly huge. She'd already thought that he was well-endowed from what she'd felt as he kissed her, and now he felt as thought he was going to rip her apart, she was almost virgin tight. In and out he thrust, going deeper and deeper into her each time as she made small noises, not exactly protest, but tears came to her eyes as she was stretched more and more. Low whimpers in the back of her throat that just made him more aroused, and he leaned into his thrusting, trying to bury his golden shaft in her pink. The little bells that were still on her pussy and clit jingled every time he thrust, a sweet and delicate counterpoint to the almost brutal sex act.

I took Lee's hand with my left hand and she stood up, the guy got off the couch to confront me, actually starting to reach for my hand to push it away from Lee's.

Silence at the other end for a moment met her mute request until Penny marshaled herself and replied, "Sandy? It's Penny. Are you...Are you OK?" asked a voice full of concern and a touch of hurt.


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